Transformational Coaching

My Transformational Life
Coaching Program

As your Life Transformational Coach, I will assist you move forward and set personal and professional goals that will provide you the life you really want. Most of myclients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives but cannot move ahead towards change without any assistance. They then get a coach like me to help them to reach their goals to help transform their lives.

What untrue ideas do you hold about yourself? Do you always tell yourself that you’re not worthy to accomplish your goals? We all have our own bruises and scars, but many of us have trouble letting them go; they can limit and prevent us from going forward in life and toward our goals. When we hold on to terrible memories and feelings, it becomes both exhausting and counterproductive. As your Transformational Coach I can help you re-program your old beliefs and ideas in ways that will allow you to get rid of old patterns and move forward – instead of dwelling on the past. RE-programming your thoughts and past for a brighter future.

Get a free 45-minute strategy session to get started! In just one powerful session with me you will:

  • Get absolute clarity on the top goals for you to work on
  • Get rid of and reframe limiting beliefs that have you imprisoned
  • Help devise an action plan to achieve your specific outcomes

You don’t have to settle for the life you’re living — reach your peak performance and start getting lasting results today!

I will help you gain clarity and design a future you truly want. As we work together over the next 3 to 12 months, you can expect to determine the changes you want and make them happen. There are five stages in the program:

1. Clarifying what you want

  • Appreciating constraints and things outside your control
  • Understanding why it is important to you
  • Goal setting – your steps to success ( be it career or relationship)
  • Understanding and eliminating fears

2. Defining the steps you need to take to get it

  • Create an action plan that is realistic and practical
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – what is that step?
  • Uncluttering your past, start learning strategies to reverse negative patterns and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Removing, guilt, shame, abuse and unwanted memory
  • Create a space and clarity in your mind to move forwards with a new mind-set

3. Building and maintaining the commitment to getting what you want

  • Developing a vision and helping you appreciate its importance
  • Linking the various steps you need to take to that vision
  • Creating an experience of what it would be like to complete that journey
  • Learning the power of gratitude and how to harness it.

4. Measuring your progress

  • Identifying and overcoming hurdles
  • Defining the milestones to help you check you’re on track
  • Discovering your true values and start applying them to your life.
  • Learning to build resilience, assertiveness and communication skills to follow
  • The new life you are designing.

5. Celebrating your success

  • Finally, acknowledging your success with each step you take toward where you want to be.