Teen andAdolescence Coaching

Adolescence is one of the most difficult phases in a person’s life.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” – Henry David Thoreau

I offer professional support to students and young adults on a one-on-one basis and in small groups. My coaching comes with years of experience working with young adults, so I target young adults and teens who are capable of more, but who aren’t making the most of themselves. This can be because of lack of support at home, a lack of self-confidence or, in most cases,vulnerability.

By providing outside support, it allows young people to be really heard, for someone to be there who shares their fears and concerns, to help them develop their confidence while achieving their potential. As a Teen Coach, I have been privilegedto enabled many young people in long-term, lasting change towards their attitude and aspirations; helped them with greater achievements in school, at home and with friends.

I bring all my expertise to clients, in helping both kids and parents navigate the most critical times of a teen’s life. Getting results through building strong relationships, accountability, self-reflection, improved self-esteem, focus, parental and teacher collaboration and much more. I have successfully used a holistic approach to address the multi-dimensional teen, combining both compassionate connections and tough love. My international background in teaching, training, youth coaching and drama work has unleashed the potential of young adults globally, well as enhancing parenting.

Teen Coaching takes place on a personal one-on-one person or in group sessions. At times, parents struggle greatly to connect and influence teens who can be hard to understand, challenging to communicate with and lacking motivation in both school and life. Navigating these waters can be emotionally challenging for parents and teens.

If your child shows one of the traits below then you need to get help, find a coach or some as soon as possible.

1.Is your child under achieving at school?
2.Is your child finding it difficult making friends, spending more time at home?
3.Is your child home alone, hard to fit-in?
4.Is your child facing issues at school or at home?
5.Is your chid facing bullying or peer pressure?
6.Is your child being rejected by siblings and peer groups?
7.Is your chid spending most of their time on technology?
8.Is your child disrespectful and abusive?
9.Is your child’s behaviour changing and you cannot get close or talk to them?

My teen coaching programs help teenagers with the following:

  • 1.Getting to know themselves better
  • 2.Improving self-esteem
  • 3.Establishing skills and techniques to identify their priorities
  • 4.Identifying their strengths
  • 5.Dealing with emotional and learning challenges
  • 6.Embracing growth and taking on all new challenges
  • 7.Greater individual responsibility.
  • 8.Increased confidence and self-belief.
  • 9.Positive attitudes.
  • 10.Personal goal setting.
  • 11.Improved focus and motivation.
  • 12.Academic, social and personal success.