Like thousands of people, I was trapped in a marriage, losing my own identity. When I hit rock bottom, I realized, ‘I have to do something’, I had to rescue myself. No one was going to rescue me; I had to be committed to what was in my mind. After my divorce and new-found freedom, I had a new beginning in Asia.

I have since experienced many challenges but with God, these challenges have helped change, shape and made me who I am today.

I have transformed my life to a life of Abundance. I am thankful for and accept every challenge as an opportunity to become a better version of myself.

For the past 11 years, I have studied various approaches to the management of stress and emotions and thought patterns, with institutes in both UK and Asia. On moving to Asia, I had the opportunity to work with and lead people from over 20 countries and study their behaviour patterns.

While studying Self Esteem (children and adults), Life Coaching for Abundance and Life of Freedom, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP),Multiple Intelligences and the Law of Attraction, I became very interested in re-programming of the mind to change our thought patterns and change the outlook to life.

Little by little I began combining the best of all the methods and strategies I had studied, with family and friends, as well as my work colleagues. The results were profound.

I was fortunate to have the support and help of several brilliant international coaches and collaborators who helped me reach my potential by TRANSFORMING My life.

“Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive”.

Bryant H. McGill

My joy comes from loving helping others see their true worth because I lived so long without knowing my own. During exhilarating years working at a new job that made a real difference in the world, I discovered an ability to energize, encourage and walk beside others in their own life journeys. With the encouragement, support and using my own life experiences and challenges, I decided to make coaching my sole career, with world-wide success.

It is always a deep privilege to walk alongside a person on their journey to transformation and a joy to witness the unfolding and discovery of a person’s true self.

The World is waiting
for your unique Story…

“ A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone”

“Changing the world one conversation at a time, the World is waiting for your story to help, to heal, to grow, to sustain to share, to love.

Your Unique Story is needed to touch and help someone.

It’s not through Monologue and but through Dialogue that we can lift and build each other up”

Shada Francis

It can be scary sharing your story with the world, to total strangers, because somewhere in that story is the unspeakable truth about a marriage, a bankruptcy, children,relationships, abuse.You are sharing the real deal and who you are now and what you say and heard and felt…

You may be asking yourself……. why should I tell my story? Can I trust these people who read my story? Can I take back my story? Will anyone notice my story? Why am I telling my story?

But it is THAT STORY that keeps you blocked. It keeps disconnected and from living your dreams and of a life of Abundance, as well as from being your true “YOURSELF’.

And that’s exactly why I want to share my story with you, because I understand. I have been stuck, scared, and isolated with my stories.

My freedom came through telling my story and being asked to speak it in front of a crowd. Although it was daunting, it was also and liberating. I experienced great joy seeing that my story connected with men, women and children. My story helped to open a way for people to start opening up and telling their own stories, freeing themselves like me to live a life of Abundance and Freedom.

Starting a new life as a single parent in a strange and new country, a new career, if I can do this anyone one can!This is why I understand the pain, the hurt, the sorrow and humiliation you might have gone or still going through. I have had the humbling experience of dealing with devastation. But I am not cowed or broken. I am empowered.

How can I Help?

Often the preparation comes through challenges because it is our challenges that sculpt us to become the highest version of ourselves. It’s time you paint your own picture on your terms…….

Painting my life on Canvas…

This is certainly true for me and for clients who worked with me. Although my training in life coaching is extensive, it is truly my life experiences that have made me a great life coach.By the time I was in my late 40’s, I had a compelling desire to help others move from dis-empowerment to empowerment.

As a result, I became a crisis counsellor at POWA, People Opposing Woman and Child Abuse, rape, domestic violence, sexuality, and a long list of much more.This was the turning pointin my life, it was like I was doing my MBA; my life changed as I worked to help other women in similar situations like myself. I became stronger and more confident to deal with my own domestic issues, realizing that I had to take back My Own Power, My FREEDOM! Living my TRUTH.

If no one ever told you that you could be whoever you want to be, consider yourself told! Indeed, you can be, do, or experience anything you choose – the world is your canvas and without limiting beliefs, every day presents a new opportunity to create your dreams and desires.

Departing South Africa for China

September 23 , 2007 – I recall so vividly now as I listened to the ‘plane glide swiftly through the sky, every morning after dropping off Amy at school, I would have “me time” and jog around the lake. One morning I was sprinting at full speed, I do not know when and how, but I found myself at a particular spot at the lake where I would not normally venture, sitting on a bench and sobbing uncontrollably.

Through my tears, crying out and asking, “Shada, what in the world is going on with you?” Despite everyone telling me how strong I was, when in fact, I was dying inside. How easy is it that us as mortal human beings can fool people so often?

It is never easy to say goodbye. No one knows the pain you go through when you have to tear yourself away from family and friends. Little did I realize that this was going to be a wonderful start to my new life of Freedom and Abundance and happiness.

My story and personal journey, delving into my life has been similar to looking through a kaleidoscope, each time I swirl and peer into it, the picture seems different and most times it is so beautiful and then as I look deeper, I discover a few pieces that make no sense and manoeuvre the subject until I get another picture, that it is so overwhelming. Yet the beauty of this little instrument is that every shape and size in that kaleidoscope allows me to enjoy the beauty, depending on the colourful lens at that particular moment. Suffice to say, my life has been through many storms and as you journey with me through both the hard knocks and of course the best experiences with God, my family and friends, my prayer is that you be encouraged and blessed and be assured that you will not walk alone any longer; I will be here holding your hand.My hope is that I might reach out to as many people to help them follow their dreams where ever they are in their lives.

2008 –2018 International Educator, Business Skills Developer and Life Coach

I’ve worked in some of the top international educational and business institutions in Asia. As an International educator, my duties also included the coordination international educational trips to Prague, Thailand, Hong Kong and England. Something I would never have dreamt of 12 years ago, before taking the plunge and leaving South Africa. After arriving in China, I worked first as a teacher, slowly rising to the positions of Heads of Departments, Director of Education and Curriculum Developer. Leadership roles and opportunities continue coming my way; this happens when we freely forgive and accept new opportunities to change.
Started my International Life Coaching Company during this time while supporting Multinational companies with business support.

2008 – 2014 International Philanthropist/Etv Postcards from China

It’s important to give back as well. This is why I started a Non-Profit Organisation, Pathways of Hope, to assist schools and businesses in India. In Nepal, I have been involved in working with women and children in prisons and orphanages. Building tea houses and bathhouses on the mountains of China, providing health and cleanliness to villages, amongst the rural mountain villages. I became a catalyst for the many NGO’s and organizations assisting them to advance. Amy and I encountered many harrowing situations working in difficult circumstances and countries.

Not in in my wildest dreams did I ever envisage that I would be travelling to Canada, as a guest speaker promoting Orphanages in Nepal to churches. I was Invited to partake in a China/South Africa documentary of “South Africans who were”, promoting positive work in their host countries.

I was selected and invited to appear on one of South Africa’s television channels and in China, in a mini four part documentary called “Postcards from China”. The documentary was done by EtV and China TV. Highlighting my work with the disadvantaged children and migrant students in China

All this happened because I decided that I wanted to breakaway from my past and move into a life free from bondage and claim my own freedom.

“Your dreams are the blue print for your life and when you follow your dreams, you align with your best possible destiny.

Departing Shanghai to relocate in Cape Town.

HRH Royal Highness Zama-Zulu Education foundation


Woman’s International Leadership – Cape Town


Departing Shanghai to relocate in Cape Town.

Leaving one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Shanghai to relocate in Cape Town another one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It was one of the most sad days knowing we were leaving the country that embraced us and loved us , I am going to miss you dearly!
Departing, our drive takes us through Shanghai’s bright lights , the skyline in Shanghai at night is one of the most beautiful sights. Passing the river, what an awesome and breath taking sight leaving for South Africa. A new life awaits us , little did we realize that we will be in Shanghai for the next11 years. What a fulfilled life now to design my life in Cape Town, South Africa.