Career Coaching

When One Door Closes, Another
Door Opens

Soul Searching Led Me to Career Coaching
A few years ago I sat down and began journaling about my purpose, values, skills and natural talents. It all pointed to one direction – Life and Career Coaching.
I took many personality tests and strengths assessments, and the same theme popped up, counselling and Human Resources. So when I began researching options, I felt Life Coaching and Career Coaching were my true calling and purpose in life that would allow me bringall the knowledge, skills and experiences that I have accrued and gained over the years and make a real impact.

As your Career Coach I will assist you in identifying your personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning your new career journey. I also help and provide clients on techniques and skills required to hunt down new employment opportunities, providing feedback on resumes or cover letters and strategizing for a successful job interview.

We will work together to Personalize Your Career Plan designed to meet your goals. I will help you put into words not only what your goals are, but I will go the extra mile and show you how you can best achieve them. As your coach, I will be standing by your side cheering and encouraging you until you have reached your career goals. We will work together.

When do you need a Career Coach?
Some examples include:

  • Understanding the jobs that match your skills and experience
  • How to make an industry change,a change of location, or a change in job status.
  • How to bypass the resume systems that keep declining your applications.
  • How to locate a company where you can be valued, respected and make a larger contribution and empower the staff.

My Coaching can
help you:

  • Take stock of your current role
  • Identify your core career values that will make you happy in a job
  • Discover realistic options for you personally
  • Explore obstacles and look at ways to overcome them
  • Motivate and support you through the recruitment process
  • Set yourself realistic actions to move your career forward
  • Prioritise ongoing goals and strategies to assist you in further career development
  • Help you write the right CV for the job
  • Explore your answers to those difficult interview questions