I have worked and coached around the world, helping people to draw out their true selves while facilitating unique transformations. Using a special brand of highly effective, tried and true frameworks that incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Law of Attraction, Self Esteem and Transformational Life Coaching, my work ensures long-lasting and truly revolutionary results.


As an International Life and Transformational Coach, I am fully geared to assist my clients in discovering their own answers. As a Coach, Philanthropist, Educator and International Motivational Speaker, I have worked with people of all ages and walks of life successfully helping to redefine each one to reach their goals.


I’ve also worked in some of the Top International Educational and Business Institutions in Asia. As an International Educator, my duties also included the coordination of International Educational trips to Prague, Thailand, Hong Kong and England. I travelled to many countries as an International Speaker.Something I would never have dreamt of 12 years ago, before taking the plunge and leaving South Africa.

Crystal Smith


I briefly met Shada by chance, not knowing she would be a beacon of light in my life. I was going through a really difficult ordeal with management at my job and was unsure as to whether I had a future with them, I was totally lost, if it weren’t for Shada’s coaching and mentorship, through this ordeal I don’t know if I would have gotten through this turbulent period in my life. Through our conversations, I learned she went through similar experiences with one of her employers, sharing her own experience and feeling my pain she was able to help me heal and got me to realize my own worthiness and capabilities despite the challenges I was facing. This candidness really made me feel comfortable with her, even though we were thousands of miles apart. Despite being on different time zones Shada always made time for me and I never felt rushed or ignored. Shada taught me that those in authority were just men and I should not fear approaching them about my concerns. She also imbued the value that I add to my place of work and to trust myself, have faith in my abilities and faith in a higher power, my God. I don’t think our paths crossing was by chance after all…She has made a great positive impact on life and I will always be thankful that she was part of my journey.

Having known Shada as a colleague and friend for over 11 years it gives me great pleasure to recommend her as a life coach. Shada is one of the most ‘grounded’ people I have ever met and has a heart of gold. In Shanghai, she set up a charity to help disadvantaged children and ran it for years. She is empathetic, understanding and will offer you the best advice on improving your life.  I have watched her successfully work with people of all ages, she is very focus driven and driven. Students always spoke very highly of her coaching and mentorship programs that she initiated for students in Shanghai. She gently mentored and guided staff to reach their goals. She is a well-respected lady and I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.

Barry Thomas

UK – China


As a beginning teacher at an international school, I benefitted greatly from Shada’s expertise, compassion and insight as she mentored and counselled me in work related and personal matters. Not only was Shada a great colleague, but she is also a dear friend who knows how to empower others and call out their potential. Shada’s knowledge of the world has gained her unique insight into the depths of human experience, highlighting her as an individual who is familiar with the sorrows and joys of the vulnerable and powerful alike. She is eager and ready to walk alongside any who require guidance with the sole intent to see each individual thrive in their God-given gifts.

When it comes to hard work, focus and dedication to help clients peruse their own dreams and helping to see a clear vision, Shada has been a catalyst to many in this area. Shada has not only helped me but her staff who were guided during her mentoring and coaching sessions. Shada was my source of inspiration who helped me during a difficult transition in my life both with my job and personal life. She had a lot of inner strength, open mind, and perseverance to help me to overcome my fears and difficulties while empowering me to see my own inner strengths and my ability to create a future of opportunities. With her coaching and continued mentorship,I have gained tools that have enabled me to live and abundant life. I am now working in China married and have a lovely little girl. I highly recommend Shada to help you Transform your life, She is fun and very results orientated, she works well with people from different cultures, this is a rare gift she possesses. She is well known among the expat circle in Asia for her coaching talents and successes.

Maria Angelica

Colombia – China

Mr. Rosario Missanelli

Italy – Asia

I highly recommend Shada as an insightful, funny, heart-centered, results-orientated business and life transformational/success coach. Shada will bowl you over with her pin-point laser coaching, she has heled me quickly determine strategies for moving into my own vision for growth.Some amazing experiences and changes came out of our sessions – the most notable being a clear and present sense of purpose, which has given me the courage to take on new challenges and to change careers. If for any reason, there comes a time in your life, when you are unsure of your path, where you want to be, need objective assistance in formulating goals – then a coach like Shada is your answer.…… and I hope that many more people have the courage to take that all-important first step to realizing their full potential. Shada possesses the strength, wisdom, patience, Knowledge and life experience and I hope you too will have the honor of working with her.

Shada Francis has been an inspiring tower of strength at a very trying period in my life. Her practical advice teamed with her caring nature has been exactly the type of support I needed. She is genuine and very authentic in her approach to her coaching. Through her coaching I have been encouraged to successfully move forward with new ventures. Talking to her always has the comfort of talking to a good friend that truly listens and her guidance is always spot on. Her practical approach ,logic and humor has been the right fit for me! Her years of experience is clearly evident. Thank you Shada for all you caring guidance ,I feel confident to move forward on the next step in my journey.


Durban, South Africa

Judy Su

Guangzhou. People’s Republic of China

Shada was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout my tumultuous career search. She effectively identified my strengths and helped me to establish a personal brand and value proposition: two tools that gave me the confidence to assert my worth throughout my interview process.

Shada went above and beyond with me as a coach, mentor, friend and even therapist (on the really frustrating days!). She utilized her broad industry knowledge and Coaching skills and techniques to move me through boundaries and to conqueror my own fears and to realize my strengths and goals.

Shada also introduced me to her international network to help me create meaningful connections and explore an array of career opportunities. She was relentlessly positive, supportive and motivating from the beginning of my job search until my final interview. Shada truly advocates for her clients and believes in their potential, which made all the difference in my ability to ultimately land a satisfying position.

What I found most helpful about Shada’s coaching was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! I feel like Shada helped “free the potential in me.”