Retirement Coaching

In today’s world, retirement is no longer what is was. It is no longer regarded as a time of decline, but rather as an opportunity to live your best life, seeking new opportunities that are waiting for you.

Transitioning from the workforce to retirement can be daunting and the social networks, structures, routines left behind can leave a massive void. It can be a lonely and frightening time without the right support.

My role as your
retirement coach

Without a clear strategy, no goal can be fully realised. As your coach, I will help you develop practical steps to achieve what you want, whether it involves a major lifestyle change, or just a few minor tweaks to your schedule. I will guide you in living a fulfilled life – one of pure freedom, joy and enjoying a life of abundance.
Dancing under the stars.

My job as a coach is to listen, draw you out and get to the essence of who you are.I act more like a friend who will listen to your ideas, encourage your better self and help you avoid any self-destructive activities. My job is also to help you navigate intangibles such as building new relationships and social networks, new hobbies, going on holiday and bringing out the sparkle and life in you.

Common issues experienced, that can be addressed through
coaching are:

  • Loss of purpose
  • Fear of time running out/the future
  • Loneliness
  • Fear of physical deterioration
  • Losing control of your body and who you are
  • Not understanding the sudden changes
  • Fear of not being in control in a job
  • Fear people see you differently

Here are some ways on how I could help you with three of the specific aspects of retirement:


Identifying What is Important to You.

Not to sound cliché, a life coach can help you identify your passion and a plan for pursuing it.


Measuring Personal Success

While you were working, your success was measured by salary, title, or feedback from bosses and co-workers. Suddenly, in retirement, there are no such gauges.
As your retirement coach, I will assist you by pinpointing what matters most to you and will help you understand how to define and measure personal success based on another new set of gauges you can work with.


Developing a Schedule

I can help you create a routine that includes stepping out of the house, connecting with new people, and taking on new challenges and learning new things. Most importantly, I will help you to create healthy routines so you stay productive, recover lost enthusiasm, and increase your feelings of happiness and well-being.