NLP .Neuro-Linguistic

NLP is a technique that influences brain behaviours through the use of langue and communication to enable re-coding of the way the brain responds to stimuli, which in turn promotes improved behaviour. NLP is a highly effective technique that effectively changes thought patterns, negative behaviours and social issues through the use of words, thoughts and body language.

The five basic techniques that allow you to harness the power of NLP to change your life today are:

1. Rapport

This relates to how you empathise with people and comprises tact, body language and listening skills. People with a high level of rapport with their fellow human beings is more likely to be happy at work and home, to have more friends as well as be healthier and live longer.

2. Dissociation

The ‘stuckness’ or inability you have to overcome certain negative feelings or emotions can be limiting to progress. At times feelings of sadness, shyness, nervousness and the like may seem unstoppable, but NLP can help immensely by identifying the emotion and the emotion and offering tools that help you see the situation outside of yourself and remove negative emotions.

3. Content Reframing

Reframing is all about perspective. It is a technique that can take any negative situation and empower you to change the meaning of the experience into something positive.
As an example, when a relationship ends, it can be devastating. However, by re-framing the situation, you could look at the benefits of being single, such as being open to other potential relationships and being free to do what you want, when you want. Taking lessons learned from the relationship, you can move on to have better relationships in the future. A shifting of focus can clear your mind and assist you in making responsible, even-handed decisions.

4. Anchoring Yourself

Anchoring is a technique that allows you to associate any desired positive emotional response with a particular phrase or sensation. When you choose a positive emotion or thought and deliberately connect it to a simple gesture, you can trigger this anchor any time you’re feeling low, and your feelings will immediately change.

5. Influence and Persuasion

This is where NLP can assist you in ethically influencing and persuading others. It is a highly powerful tool that can assist others in overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, conflict and more without conflict. This is especially useful when getting across to people who might otherwise be resistant (such as teenage children who don’t want to listen).

How people benefit from NLP Training
and NLP Coaching.

NLP uses perceptual, behavioural, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions. It can be used for personal development, phobias, and anxiety. It is an essential tool to help people:

  • Connecting to their purpose, values and motivation.
  • Having more successful and fulfilled lives.
  • Improving performance at work, and starting and building companies.
  • Achieving better relationships at work and at home.
  • Developing beneficial health routines.
  • Overcoming blocks and continually learning new skills.

What Is Cognitive Behavioural

CBT modifies dysfunctional emotions, behaviours, and thoughts to treat problems and boost happiness. CBT is solution-focussed and encourages the challenging of distorted cognitions to change destructive patterns of behaviour. CBT provides tools that include learning to identify and dispute unrealistic or unhelpful thoughts and developing problem-solving skills, which have been used to treat a broad range of mental health issues. CBT is considered among the most effective forms of talk therapy, especially when the strategies taught are incorporated into daily life – this also ensures that the therapy remains relevant and on-going, without the need for numerous therapy sessions.